We offer a traditional approach to learning where children are taught to respect teachers and staff and to cooperate with their fellow students. We believe that learning takes place in many different ways for children, and while our program is primarily “teacher-directed”, we do provide a balance between those times of formal instruction and “child-directed” exploration of learning centers, recreation, socialization, artistic expression, and music. We want children to experience many successes in their learning. Each child is seen as a unique individual created by God with special talents, abilities, and interests.


The nationally recognized ABEKA program is the core curriculum we use for our preschool and our private Kindergarten.   This is a phonics-based program that centers around teaching children to read. We believe that reading is the foundation for all other learning. The curriculum also includes bible time, where bible stories and Christian values are taught in a non-denominational manner; as well as math, science, art and social skills training.   We use the Pinnacle Curriculum with our younger two year old class. This curriculum focuses it’s activities on the 5 areas of: cognitive/language, socio-emotional, sensory, and fine and gross motor skills.


The entire school participates in a weekly assembly program on Monday mornings that is led by Ms. Annie and includes a brief bible lesson.  Additionally, Specials are included in your tuition.

Mondays: School wide Assembly (Chapel)

Tuesdays: Soccer Shots (extra fee)

Wednesdays: Dance with Ms. Tiffany (extra fee)

Thursdays: Music program

Fridays: Stretch & Grow